Selected authors share their theoretical discussion and examination about the exhibition’s concept and development. Furthermore, news from the exhibition rooms will be published here

About the current state of »A Process«

May 9th, 2014Author:

We’ve been a bit quiet lately, but only because we withdrew in our studio in order to work on the publication coming along with the exhibition. Last week, we left the gallery taking some time to reflect about what we’ve created on the wall. There will be only slight changes on the wall until next Friday. At the moment we’re 100% inside the content of the book. Based on the combinations we’ve created during »A Process« we’re developing new ones that were just published on the website. Tonight, we’re happy to welcome the participating poets of »A Process«. They will read inside the gallery. Tomorrow, we’ll work together with Andreas Bülhoff on image- and text-combinations.

We’re really happy about what is happening at the moment, about your trust and the possibility to work with so many great works. We’re looking forward to present to you our publication – after »Nowhere« our second book – featuring works from selected photographers and authors who are part of a process, as well as theoretical works by Joerg Colberg, Dirk von Gehlen, Annekathrin Kohout, Andreas Langen and Thomas Elsen.

The finissage of »A Process« will be next Friday. By then we’ll also present you a completely new project of Der Greif that evolved out of the exhibition. It’s gonna be very exciting, we’ll keep you posted!